The first step you take can have a major impact on how your situation unfolds and the costs of getting it resolved.

Understand the full picture of the inner and outer forces that fuel your crisis and consider all risks and options before you act.

Even when interests differ, there are still mutual benefits and savings in the right use of both alternate and court resolution processes.

I can support you to develop strategies that will ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible.

Conflict Resolution Support Services

Conflict Resolution Counselling and Coaching

In person or web sessions for either short- or long-term therapeutic support.

I can provide support with the following:  inner crisis, infidelity/affairs, separation/divorce, domestic violence, addiction, depression, blended family challenges, co-parenting challenges and agreements, spiritual and principle based conflict and conflict arising out of elder support and wills.

My Private Practice is based in Howick, Auckland.  $150 plus GST per hour

Family Dispute Resolution Mediation (FDR)

FDR providers are accredited mediators who help families settle co-parenting disputes and reach parenting agreements.

Screening – 12 hours of Mediation Time – Parenting Agreement – RMS Documentation – Court Referral (if required) 

Fully funded – FREE
Partially funded – $448.50 per party
Private – $250 plus gst per hour

Workplace Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Social Services, NGOs, Humanitarian Services, Community and Spiritual Groups.

Direct complex workplace challenges, increase effectiveness, build resilience, contain emotional group processes, implement resolution pathways, prevent grievances and reduce costs.

By Quotation or $150 plus GST per hour

Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Leadership and Communication Training

Social Services, NGOs, Humanitarian Services, Community and Spiritual Groups.

Courses:- The Discomfort Zone, Your Presence Leads (facilitated using Equine Assisted Learning), The Consciousness & Neuroscience of Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Conflict.

By Quotation
Senta Knapp

My Conflict Resolution Process.

All resolution porcesses, from litigation, arbitration to out-of-court or alternative dispute resolution options (ADR) have their place.

As no two situations are the same, effective strategic interventions need to uniquely reflect clients’ choices, capacities and circumstances

If you need support with a relationship or family situation that is of concern, please do not hesitate to contact me for a FREE confidential 30-minute consultation.


“Where Wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.”

Carl Jung, Psychologist