About Us

The First Call™ Resolution Process was developed and trialed over a ten year period.  Realising the enormous emotional and financial costs that traditional conflict resolution processes and attitudes have on individuals and families, we started exploring ways in which better outcomes might be achieved.

Our main focus was on aligning legal and economic systems with inner evolutionary growth principles to support people in crisis better.  Initially, we looked at what was being done in other countries but soon found that even these models were too limiting.  Most were based on well-intentioned processes which were adequate when directing disputes but did not have the depth to break the conflict cycle, build capacity and bring about sustainable resolution.

The First Call™ Resolution Process is based on our in-depth understanding of different conflict dynamics and corresponding consciousness resolution pathways.

As part of the system, we have developed a simple 3 level First Call™ Resolution Information Matrix that we use to consider your situation. Reliable information is hard to get, but it is the key to making informed choices.

Through the use of our specialist First Call™ Framework Agreements we will support you to implement your choices by aligning alternate and mainstream legal and therapeutic services to ensure that the best and most cost-effective pathways are engaged.

The First Call™ Resolution is New Zealand owned and operated.