IN DEPTH INFORMATION (1-on-1) - Details

 How much does it cost?

The 1-on-1 sessions are one and a half hours each. The cost of the two sessions is $330 plus GST. To access our services you have to be 18 years and older.  

What to expect.

You can expect that you will be guided through a series of experimental activities that will support you to better understand your challenges across three levels:-

1. - Your situation

We will start by gathering information about what is happening and to gain clarity about events and people involved. 

  • Understanding of key experiences, events and key positions of those involved.
  • Industry, situational and personal challenges.
  • Limitations, opportunities and risks.

2. - How you make sense of your situation

The inner plane is where your personal identities, limitations, coping strategies and defense mechanism are found. Being able to name and understand what is going on for yourself at this level, can be very helpful. You will understand:  

  • How you deal with conflict and change.
  • Your limiting, compensatory and liberating emotional and mental strategies. 
  • Your inner defenses and fears.
  • Your Inner values and life principles.
  • The impact of your choices on yourself and others.

3. - Archetpal challenges of your situation

At the deepest level we will dicuss the archetypal challenges that underpin your sitaution.

  • Who you are being and who you are becoming 
  • The archetypal challenges of your developmental phase and your personality 
  • Learning edges and repeating patterns

Benefits to you

  • Clarity on mental, emotional, soul and spiritual issues 
  • Confidence through clarity 
  • Releasing behaviour patterns that hold you back
  • Re-gaining self-respect
  • Reduce anxiety and manage fears and triggers 
  • Heal from the inside out
  • Access your Inner Wisdom
  • Opening doors to new possibilities
  • Inner strategies to avoid costly pitfalls
  • Re-connect with a deeper sense of yourself

How to book

To book a IN DEPTH INFORMATION Package, send an email to or call us and one of our affiliates will get back to you to make further arrangements. Alternatively contact us here.