Disclaimer, Confidentiality, Indemnities and Limits of Liabilities 

  1. In making an enquiry to First Call™ Resolution, you agree not to call First Call™ Resolution and affiliates as a witness or to produce any document in any subsequent adjudication, arbitration or judicial or tribunal proceedings arising out of the same matter.
  2. Further, in relation to mediations, in requesting First Call™ Resolution to mediate, which role includes making initial contact with the other party to ascertain whether she/he is willing to attend a mediation information and assessment meeting, you agree not to call the mediator as a witness in relation to any conversation, correspondence or other contact between the mediator and you or any other person.
  3. All that occurs during the resolution or mediation process shall be confidential and may not be recorded, and shall not be revealed in any subsequent legal proceedings or otherwise. 
  4. All parties agree not to institute any action based on the mediation or to subpoena the mediator or First Call™ Resolution to testify or produce any records. If any party does so, they hereby agree to indemnify and hold the First Call™ Resolution and affiliates harmless for any liability, expense and cost, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by First Call™ Resolution and affiliates as a result of such action.
  5. First Call™ Resolution relies entirely on the information, documents, and other material provided by other service providers and is not under any duty to investigate or validate the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of any such information.
  6. First Call™ Resolution and affiliates do not accept any responsibility or liability for any dissatisfaction with any service provided, whether in relation to stated or assumed qualifications, skills, expertise, experience, performance of services, fees charged, outcomes or any other matter without limitation.
  7. First Call™ Resolution and affiliates do not assume any liability to anyone for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any error or omission in connection with the website or its services.
  8. First Call™ Resolution and affiliates cannot and do not provide legal advice in relation to any dispute or any other matter raised by you in any way.  
  9. You agree that by accessing any information provided by First Call™ Resolution affiliates for any purpose whatsoever you expressly acknowledge and agree that you do so exclusively in reliance on your own skill and judgement.
  10. No statements or comments whether written or oral, made by First Call™ Resolution and affiliates may be relied upon to found or maintain any action for defamation, slander or any related complaint.
  11. The purpose of these provisions is to provide First Call™ Resolution and affiliates with the widest immunity from liability that the law will allow.