How much does it cost?

Framework Agreements are privately mediated agreements.  The cost of a Framework Agreement, where two parties are involved, is $380 plus GST.  This cost covers a one-hour Skype session with each party, a mediation and a written agreement.  To access our services you have to be 18 years and older. 

What to expect.

In a Framework Agreement, we list the issues that parties agree and disagree on. We specify how these issues will be addressed, what professional expertise will be contracted in, who will be responsible for what and how much will be spent on the resolution process.  Every Framework Agreement is custom designed to reflect the needs and complexities of the situation and the people involved.  Usually, it will cover all or some of the following:-

  • Intentions, relationship issues, concerns, needs, capacities, common and conflicting interests.
  • Conflicting issues are grouped in accordance of importance / urgency / sensitivity / complexity or volatility.
  • Agreement on what professional, out of court and /or court processes will be engaged to get the situation resolved.
  • Agreement on default options should parties deviate from the plan.
  • Processes are prioritized, time frames and budgets are allocated and timing and place issues are addressed.

Benefits to you

  • With a plan, you are more likely to succeed and see results
  • Best and worst scenarios can be explored in a supportive and safe environment
  • Better control of financial, time, emotional and social costs of resolving conflict 
  • Well considered rather than reactive resolution processes 
  • There are incentives to work collaboratively and advocate smart processes.
  • Mutual benefits and savings to all involved in the appropriate use of resolution processes.
  • A range of private, government and not-for-profit services can be used to increase effectiveness and reduce costs.
  • Peripheral issues can be eliminated, resulting in better returns on specialist and legal input.
  • Expensive expertise can be matched to targeted situations making their contributions more effective.
  • A financial cap can be put in place to ensure that costs do not outweigh benefits.
  • Parties' own capacities can be drawn on as part of the process.
  • Better control, flexibility, and ownership of process.
  • Flexibility to include different interests and interests that are valued differently.
  • Energy to counter overwhelm leads to better health and shorter recovery times.

 How to book

To book a Framework Agreement Mediation, email with a short overview of your situation call us and one of our affiliates will get back to you to make further arrangements. Alternatively contact us here.