Do you qaulify for government funding?

The first step is to find out if you qualify for government funding as this will determine the cost of the service to each party.  If you qualify, the entire process might be FREE.

Before mediation can start there is a short screening interview that is conducted with both parties separately by phone or Skype.  If the situation is suitable for mediation, mediation can start.  If it’s not suitable, an exemption certificate will be issued which will enable you to access the Family Court for further support. 

The following costs are indicative only:-

Fully Funded

If all parties are eligible for funding, the parties will be entitled to up to 12 hours of mediation (including preparation for mediation) free of charge in a 12 month period.

Mixed Funded

If only some of the parties are eligible for funding, the privately paying party, will be charged $390 plus GST for up to 12 hours of mediation over a 12 month period.  

Privately Paying Parties can access partially funded FDR services

Where no parties are eligible for funding, they may access a government subsidised service.  Over a year, these parties are eligible for two rounds of five hours of partially funded mediation at a cost of $390 plus gst for each 5 hours of mediation per party.  This cost excludes any cost for preparation for meditation.

Privately Paying Parties accessing First Call™ Resolution Mediation 

For privately funded parties that choose to access our private and confidential services, the costs is $550 plus gst per party.  This cost includes two in-depth phone or skype sessions, two mediations and the Parenting Agreement.   

Benefits to you and your children

  • Success rate of mediation is high (84% based on 3000 cases over the last two years) 
  • If parties make their own child care arrangements, they are more likely to stick to the agreement
  • Building confidence in making choices and directing challenging situations
  • Avoiding children being affected by exposure to parental conflict and parental issues
  • Ability to move on with your lives and enjoy your children

How to book

To find out if mediation is suitable for you situation and if you qualify for funding,  send an email to or call us with a short overview of your situation. One of our affiliates will get back to you to make further arrangements. Alternatively contact us here.