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When interests differ, there are mutual benefits and savings in the appropriate use of resolution processes. This is what the First Call™ Resolution Process is all about.

We are here to guide you through the labyrinth of legal, financial and social support services.  All providers and services, from litigation, arbitration, ombudsmen, neutral fact finders, therapeutic interventions and government and specialist private sector providers have their place.  As independents, we match specialist expertise to your requirements with the use of First Call™ Resolution Framework Agreements.

A Framework Agreement provides a clear context of how a conflict will be resolved before any work on contentious issues begins. Such agreements have proven to be extremely effective in containing and directing complex challenges, increasing the effectiveness of specialist input and reducing the overall costs of the resolution process.  Even in situations that have appeared to be intractable, our clients found that they had more options than expected.

The use of our First Call™ Resolution Process and First Call™ Resolution Framework Agreements is a significant step away from traditional Conflict Management Systems.

  1. FCR Affiliates do not represent individuals.  They work towards developing a plan that will provide the best possible outcome for the situation as a whole.  This plan will be inclusive of both, common and competing interests.  Clients can either implement their plans or access our services for further support.
  2. FCR Affiliates are industry leaders and trained resolution facilitators.  They understand the interrelatedness between inner and outer challenges and are skilled in handling both. 
  3. FCR Affiliates do not have a financial stake in the resolution methods advocated or the outcomes of situations.  Affiliates are independent professionals with an in-depth understanding of both, out of court and court procedures.  They partner with enforcement, government, private, social, not-for-profit, legal, financial, mental health, addiction and youth services to achieve the best outcomes possible. 

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