Frequently Asked Questions

No problem is too big or too small for us to work through.  If you feel that you need support with a crisis or are facing a life changing decision, give us a call.  It is up to you if you would like to speak to us alone, as a couple or in a family, community of business group.  Group conversations are limited to three participants, but others can be in the room and listen.

All our work is private and confidential.  We do keep your information on our system, but this information will not be passed on to others without your consent.  If you are at risk to yourself, another or intended to commit an illegal crime, we do however have a duty of care to contact appropriate support services. 

Every call is different, but you can expect that we will take a 360-degree view.  You can also expect that we will listen.  We will listen with great care till we have our finger on the pulse of your situation.  

During the session, we might assess risks, work with positions and address complicating factors.  We might delve into needs, fears, unresolved grief, childhood hurts, discuss triggers, addictions, and destructive behaviours.  We might look at limiting relationship contracts, archetypal conflicts, conflict cycles and weigh up personal choices.  

For those already clear about their choices, the focus would be on understanding subjective positions, personal identity, common and conflicting views and barriers to action.  Relevant financial considerations, resolution budgets and the pros and cons of out of court and adversarial options might also be on the table.  Discussions about capacities to self-manage, not-for-profit, government and private sector support and how to access professional expertise are also common.

First Call™ Resolution is a specialist crisis and conflict resolution company.  

Our FCR affiliates work with inner conflicts, separating couples, relationship issues, family feuds, blended families, co-parenting challenges, parenting agreements, infidelity, loneliness, inheritance disputes, addictions, bullying, domestic abuse and group conflicts.  

In summary, we work with the complexities that arise out of the following:-

  1. Inner conflict - An inner conflict can be triggered by either an inner or outer experience.  These deep-seated experiences challenge the very core of our essence, and they are not easy to navigate.  If left, they do eventually manifest as relationship discord or conflict.  
  2. Interpersonal conflicts -  Interpersonal conflicts can be between family members, friends, couples, business colleagues or between members of social, business or spiritual groups. 
  3. Professional conflicts -  In industry related challenges the personal and professional frameworks have become enmeshed, and a more inclusive context needs to be engaged with for resolution to be achieved.

Central to our services is a single-minded focus. Our task is to help lift the layers of confusion to get clarity around motivations, capacities, and wounding.  Our objectives are to bring limiting emotional patterns back into perspective and find more helpful ways of engaging with ourselves as well as others.  We work on anchoring inclusive inner contexts and focus on empowering, building capacity and identifying sustainable and realistic ways of achieving better outcomes. Working with framework agreements that address how conflicts will be resolved before work on contentious issues begins, we can support clients to achieve more cost effective outcomes.

When working with only one party, we will discuss individual options in the context of the situations as a whole.  It may take only one person to escalate a conflict but it also only takes one person to channel the situation into a different way.  In some cases, the appropriate response might be to turn up the volume to trigger the next phase of the conflict cycle.  In some cases a better option might be to turn the volume down till a more stable foothold has been regained.   

Inherent in every situation are limitations.  Being aware of these can be very freeing.  Understanding what is happening helps overcome reactive strategies.  Conflicts can be fuelled by fear of rejection, trauma, shame, anger, revenge, deceit or even by a knee-jerk attitude to authority. With understanding, we can support you past reactive strategies to making well considered choices and build the future you want.  

First Call™ Resolution is not an emergency support service.  If there is an emergency, call 111.

Most are surprised at what can be achieved in an hour.  If further support is required, our clients can access our extensive suite of additional support services.  Some of these support services are provided in partnership with other specialists such as accountants, lawyers and mental health professionals.

All our services are pre-paid and sessions can be used as required.  In this way, you are in full control of your process and affiliated costs.  If the work is beyond our scope, we will discuss alternate options with you.

If you need to change your booking, we will require 24 hours notice.  Email us the booking number and we will make the changes for you.  If a booked FCR Scoping consultation has not been completed in three months, it will expire.

On booking your FCR Scoping consultation, you will receive an email to confirm your booking.  A FCR affiliate will call you at the requested time.  Please arrange that you are in a safe and private place so that you can talk freely.  If you are at risk or if accessing our services would place another at risk, we would suggest that you contact the police.

If you do not answer the call, we will leave a message and/or text you.  No refunds will be considered if you are not available at the requested time and have not given 24 hours notice.

FCR affiliates are skilled resolution facilitators, and we offer a wide range of services from in-depth personal support, couples or group facilitation, coaching and right through to supporting conflicted parties in drafting co-parenting agreements, a memorandum of understanding or FCR Framework Agreement.

FCR Framework Agreements are commonly used to differentiate between common and conflicting interest, negotiable and non-negotiable parameters and stipulate how issues will be resolved before work on contentious issues begins.  Such agreements would also outline what additional expertise need to be contracted, provide timing and cost parameters and specify defaulting options.

FCR retainer packages are a cost-effective means to access support through the implementation process.

We work with combinations of both private and legally binding agreements depending on the outcome to be achieved.  If only partial or no agreements are reached we can still be of support.  An agreement to disagree is still an agreement, albeit a different resolution method would need to be considered for issues to be resolved.

FCR Affiliates are not legally trained and only work with out of court processes that will further the situation as a whole.  They do not represent individuals and do not engage in adversarial processes.  If it becomes necessary to escalate a conflict, independent legally trained professionals will be appointed.  FCR Affiliates can still be of support by ensuring that a concise and issue specific brief is agreed to before legal action begins.  Keeping relationship issues out of court can lead to significant savings and greatly increase the effectiveness of your legal team.

First Call Resolution recognises complaints as part of the process.  All complaints are in the first instance to be raised with the FCR Affiliate assigned to you.  If the complaint remains unresolved, the complaint can be put in writing.  In such cases a phone or Skype conference call for up to half an hour will be scheduled with a senior staff member present. 

Complaints about contracted support providers will also be heard.  These need to be presented in writing to the FCR Affiliate you are dealing with.  Again this issue will be addressed in a phone or Skype conference call of up to half an hour if required.  

First Call Resolution cannot be held liable for the work of other independent professional providers who are contracted in as part of the resolution process.  We provide independent support and will always work towards the best outcome possible for all concerned, including contracted support providers.  


First Call™ Resolution affiliates are all trained and accredited professionals but beyond the complaint process, our terms and conditions provide First Call™ Resolution with the widest immunity from liability that the law will allow.  Traditional court processes have their place but in the context of the work that we provide, the emphasis is on personal choice and responsibility.  Getting a second opinion is part of the process and due diligence is always recommended.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.