SENTA KNAPP (B Soc Sc, DipHeaSc, AMINZ Associate, FDR Mediator)

Senta Knapp provides specialist conflict resolution, therapeutic and transformational mediation support to individuals, families, couples and communities in crisis.

Senta spent her formative years in South Africa where she worked as a business strategist in the advertising industry.  In this position, she was appointed to work alongside political leaders during the country’s first general election in 1994. As a communications strategist, she experienced first-hand the many political and social challenges that such big social transitions bring.  She also became acutely aware of the significant role that systemic and personal trauma plays in decision-making processes.  As a result of these insights she brought her career in the advertising industry to an end and retrained to work in the mental health sector, supporting people in crisis. 

Senta’s formal training includes counselling, healing, consciousness, mediation and negotiation modalities through the Institutes of Psychosynthesis, Process Therapy, the School of Natural Healing, the Academy for Future Science and the Harvard Programme of conflict resolution and negotiation. She remains an active member of a conflict resolution group for professionals based on the principles of Process Therapy and is an AMINZ Associate and a registered FDR Mediator.

As a mature professional, she is experienced in guiding individuals and couples through the many systemic, emotional and practical challenges of separation, co-parenting and blended families.  Senta brings her unique blend of strategic thinking, consideration and compassion to every situation.  She will ensure that interventions are strategically tailored to uniquely reflect your choices, capacities and circumstances. Even when interests differ, there are still mutual benefits and savings in the right use of resolution processes.

Senta also works as an educator and trainer.  She has facilitated Parenting through Separation workshops for the Ministry of Justice and has provided conflict resolution and mediation training in the corporate and social services sectors. She also provides advocacy and mediation support in the employment sector.

Her specialist areas of expertise include mental health sector experience, domestic violence prevention, addiction support, elder support, principle and spiritual conflict resolution processes. 


“What we see changes what we know.  What we know changes what we see.”  Jean Piaget Psychologist